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Ive been trying this out for a while now, and i finally figured out the easiest way to make high quality Hop Nubs! I thought i should share this with all you guys because i thought it was some complicated process and took days and 3d printers and blah blah. It only take 30ish minutes to make one.

To start off, here what you will need (some things aren't needed for some nubs).

1.) PVC Piping- This is the material the nubs will be made out of.

2.) A Screwdriver with Interchangeable heads- It's not necessary for it to be interchangeable, but you need some really small flat heads.

3.) Sandpaper- This is used to sand off excess pieces of PVC and used to smooth.

4.) Hacksaw- or any type of saw that can cut through PVC.

5.) A Rotary Tool- This isn't required, it just helps to clear excess debris and sand the PVC.

6.) A Hard Surface- You going to be hammering, you need a hard surface.

7.) Pliers- to hold PVC while cutting.

8.) Scissors- To off excess PVC pieces.

Now for the guide :tup:

:IMPORTANT: This first part is how you get the piece ready for shaping, this is called the preparatory step.
First get your PVC, and cut off a piece around 2cm long, 5mm thick, and 8mm tall.

after that use sand paper to get of all debris. After that it should look like this.

Now use these before the next steps you wish to follow.



After following the preparatory step you are going to want to start cutting the PVC to make a Flat Nub.

Use the smallest flat head size you have as a chisle and hit it with something heavy. This should be what it looks like when you are done, the dimensions are 1cm long, 5mm fat, and 4ish cm tall. make sure you are using the small piece!

now sand down all those rough edges and make it 7mm long, 4mm tall, and 5mm fat

after that cut it in half.

the finished size should be 6mm long, 3mm tall, and 3 mm fat, but you need to round off the sides so it fits in the gun, this is the finished product.

in you gun, the flat side goes face down.



After following the preparatory step you are going to want to start cutting the PVC to make a V-Nub.

chisel or cut he PVC down to about 1cm long, 7mm tall, and 3 mm fat.

on the bottom part, you will chisel the V into the PVC, you need a 2.5mm long flatheads for this. cut at the angle in the picture.

after that sand the inside of the V, but don't make it round, make it 6mm long, 4mm tall, and about 3mm fat. this is what the finished product should look like.

More coimg
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