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I made this viperhood by hand (with real jute, coloring some) but I don't like the final result, it looks like one of the Chinese ones you buy on Aliexpress, it's all too "formal/fake"; I would like an effect similar to that of the last photo, they too use jute but it doesn't look as authentic as mine.
Also I would like it lighter as it is too "bulky", it fits everywhere and becomes heavy.

The first step will be to shorten the length of the jute threads, by cutting them, then I will add some raffia.

What should I do for the jute to be as authentic as the ones seen in the Google images (Springer Custom Ghillie, etc ..)?
Is there a particular way to tie the jute to the base?
So far I have used what everyone recommends (cow hitch) but in doing so everything remains too linear.
Please help me, I have spent over 20 hours to finish tying all the threads and seeing this end result makes me sad.
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Watch a few videos how snipers are making their ghillies & how they blending. Becoming a part of the background isn't easy.
Your first mistake is the way you handle the artificial materials you are installing.
I see leaves in the forest-background. That means that you don't need threads-stripes of jute for camouflage but camouflage that imitates "spots" like artificial leaves.

My suggestions:
1) Don't to use a lot of artificial material.
2) Don't install long artificial material strings.
3) Use artificial material to cover just 20%-30% of the uniform.
4) Use natural materials (vegetation) from the field you are playing, and cover the rest of the uniform. Not better camouflage materials than nature's plants.
5) Make it light and breathable.
6) After you complete the installation of artificial materials, throw the uniform on the ground and get it dirty, "torture" the ghillie on the ground...
7) There is a specific way to tie jute on uniforms, so the won't get loose while crawling. Notice how the snipers in videos installing the jute.

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Look at the environment.
Look at your suit.

While the craftsmanship is really good imo, the thinking behind is not.

  • Too much jute used, you could achieve better results using only 10% of the stuff you used
  • Colours are wrong. except for the very dirt you're standing on, there is no trace of tan/sand coloured stuff around you. It's all green and brown. Very vibrant green I would add. Ironically, the gun camouflage you're using does a much better job at confusing the brain than your suit
  • Materials are also wrong, I don't see huge lumps of grass where you could hide, instead I see plenty of round shaped foliage that are clearly separated from each other with a nice contrast of negative and positive space.

That cape you made would work in a grassland or even a rocky environment but not in a lush woodland forest like the one in your pictures.

I suggest to look at "Le Covert Sartorialist" on Facebook, he explains very well the concept of positive/negative spaces and what the brain sees.

TL;DR you should look like a big ol' pile of nothing, not a haystack :D

p.s. and no, a leaf suit wouldn't have made any difference. Leaf suits are bad.
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