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Howa 1500 .308 Scout Project.

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Well, with a Howa 1500 as the project rifle I get here, I decided to go a different route from the usual long barreled, classic, all american, hunting rifle. I am following Jeff Coopers guidelines of a scout rifle and am going for a short barrel, mid scoped rifle with back up irons and a detachable mag.

I started with a 1500 barreled action in 22-250, removed the barrel, installed a .308 blank after chambering it out and threading it, crowned it with a recessed muzzle crown at 21'' (Soon to be 16.75''), lapped the lugs, inlet my bottom metal, inlet and pillar bedded my stock, installed forend wood cap, metal grip cap, and Limbsaver recoil pad.

I still need to remove 4 inches of the barrel, recrown the muzzle, mill to flat spots for Talley mounts on top of the barrel, install a irons, and some type of front site flash hider combo. I am thinking about a M-14 front sight flash hider combo, still unsure as to how it will look. I have quite a ways to go before being finished, but I figured I would let others in on another project.
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Got a synthetic stock for it inletted, pillar and glass bedded, and painted. Also got everything polished for the blueing tanks.

Not the best picture, but the best I could get with my phone. I painted the stock in a water drop pattern and clear coated it.

Blued and ready!

Wood stock just got its final hand rub today and is finished. Still hanging to dry though.
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Yea, had to use the rattle cans. Couldn't afford a air brush for it. Looks far better when done with an air brush though.

I'm not to worried about it especially since this synthetic will never be used anyways.

Got finished, eventually.
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