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Howdy all!

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Well my name is Kyle Rogers, aka The Dude. I'm from San Antonio Texas, at least currently and have been playing paintball for going on 10 years now/ airsoft for 3 months. I have been infatuated with Sniping since my early teens and took on the Sniper role as best I could in the recball games I used to play. Since having gotten into airsoft, I have yet to actually play in an "official" game. I have played DM in several backyard games and very much enjoyed that. My current arms are a CA33e that I have "uped" a bit with a tightbore and new hopup system as my primary, and a sexy looking WE 1911 45 for my side. I'm very much looking forward to getting my hands on a decent bolt action so I can get down in the dirt where I belong once again.
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Welcome to the boards!

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