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My name is Josh and I am originally from the great state of Georgia but i am currently in the Azores. I've been playing airsoft for about 4 years now. I mostly play the role of a rifle man but now I am getting into sniping now. I am currently in the Air force but the only training I have from that is yearly rifle and m9 training. I have been shooting since i was 10. My arsenal includes a Dboys M4, KSC G17, Y&P MK23, CYMA AK47s, Dboys AK74s, KWA MAC11, Well MP7, JG Sig 552, and a BAR-10. I have a ton of gear Ive collected over the years so I wont go into all that I have. I really like this site and I hope to learn more from it.

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jtbonds13 said:
I could have swore I got all my I's, guess i missed one. I got a few pics of my hear that I have here but all my other stuff is back in the states.
You missed another one in the post saying you swore you got them all... :-/

Come on now, are you trying to get a warning?
I will let you slide, after all, it happens to all of us sometimes.
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