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New to this forum, but certainly not to airsoft.

My name is Nolan, I'm from northern Indiana.

Call me Acer (not because of the computer.)

I've been airsofting for over three years, play nearly every Wednesday in a 2 acre patch of forest on my church's property, and every other saturday at a 30 acre conservation club and have attended 2 events, both at Elkhart Tactical Indoor Airsoft Arena in Elkhart.

My arsenal is a UTG MK96, and hopefully soon to be a KWA MP7 or M92 variant.

My L96 currently has DIY teflon mods for airseal, the UTG upgrade kit, and I am in the process of acquiring a PDI unit with a prometheus 534mm 6.01 Sig 550 tight bore barrel, but I need to find a good bucking because the seller isn't including a bucking. Suggestions welcome.

My camo is a simple mesh ghillie suit with fake leaves meant for archery hunting.

As for other hobbies, I play the guitar, cook, mountain bike, run Cross Country and Track & Field, play PC games (BF3 and L4D2) and go camping/backpacking a lot.

I'm looking forward to all I can learn here on this forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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