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How's it going guys?

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Hey, sorry I've been out of the game for so long. I've been soo busy doing workups and just work in general I completely forgot about this amazing forum that I have the privilage to be an Admin on. But anyways, I'm getting back into the swing of things, and I recently had my TM M14 shipped out to Cali and soon will have my ghillie suit and all the other needed essentials to continue the job. So, more or less off topic, but what's everyone been up too?
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Wow must be warm down there you jerk
Still colder than sin up here in the great white north.

Hey while you are down there you should check out the guys at Fresno air soft. Been trolling on there thread for a while and reading all that they have. They sound like they have a ton of guys with a lot of great land to play on.

That and you can get us a review and a few up close pics of a righthook rifle
Still really curious about those damn things.

So how goes the military life for you now? Hope all is going well and that you will have a blast down there in the warm weather.
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