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HPA/CO2 rig for G&G G96

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So I just bought this thing, waiting for it to get here in a week or so, and due to our cold weather I wanted to convert it to a more cold weather gun. I heard that this two gases are the best, and I would like to do HPA due to cheap refill but I've heard you can't refill them with a compressor, and there isn't a scuba place here. Anything thoughts or idea on what I should do?
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Sorry I've been gone for awhile without Internet, but before I left I learned that our fire department has a compressor that can charge scuba tanks up to 3000psi so I thinking up a HPA setup. And my friend is giving me his scuba tank to recharge HPA tanks. So, I've gone to Palmers Pursuit and looked at what they have. I would love to set everything up in the butt stock, and I've seen it done with disposable CO2 12gm but I don't know if they make HPA tanks
Small enough. And thoughts?
Co2 sounds a lot simpler for my idea of a set up. I think I'll stick with that.
Only difference is the bottle, what they are filled with and how they are filled...
I see, that makes sense.
Parts list? You mean the parts i'm going to use to convert it to Co2? I don't know yet, I have an idea but still thinking, I want to change to setting it up on top of the butt stock so I can change Co2 easier and faster. But its just an idea, i'm waiting for the gun to get here first.
I would do that, because I don't really know what I'm doing, that's why I'm asking! The people in the paintball shop would know about air rigs. I wish I had that resource where I live.
So I'm looking into my parts list, and I am getting the 12 Gram CART Regulator ( I am wondering if I need a stabilizer as well or will this do the trick?
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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