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HPA/CO2 rig for G&G G96

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So I just bought this thing, waiting for it to get here in a week or so, and due to our cold weather I wanted to convert it to a more cold weather gun. I heard that this two gases are the best, and I would like to do HPA due to cheap refill but I've heard you can't refill them with a compressor, and there isn't a scuba place here. Anything thoughts or idea on what I should do?
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Just a couple tips from a G&G L96 owner (torn it apart about a dozen times in the last week):

Lubricate the cocking piece a bit...mine was quite gritty until I applied a little grease to the bolt handle/cocking piece.

Clean off your bolt before you shoot the gun. Mine had some type of nasty chinese grease (most likely the same stuff they cook our Lo Mein in) all over it.

Check the pins on your trigger of mine was bent right from the factory, causing the trigger mech to drop down a bit and the rifle to slam fire. Replaced it with a KJW from one of my parts M700s.

Hope this was helpful!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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