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Hi guys

I'm planning on converting my SR-25 to HPA.
Now, there are so many choices for HPA engines out there that i'm a bit lost.
My country's DMR rules differ a lot.

Most commen rules are:

360 FPS for single and full auto DMR's some fields just keep it at 360 even with semi locked DMR's... pretty shitty, i know.

Then there are the 450 semi with 2 sec delay fields

And then there is a field/organisation that allows 450 semi DMR's with no delay at all.
I play mostly on these fields but i play at the others aswell with my L96 sniper.

Now, with this huge amount of choices between the different brands and different engines like Wolverne, Polarstar, Mancraft, Valken.

Wolverine you have: Inferno and Hydra
Polarstar you have: Fusion engine, Jack, F1
Mancraft you have : PDIK v2long and V2 for M4 with extended nozzle addaptor
Valken you have : V12

Extra information: i will attend Border war 9 and Berget 15 aswell with this airsoft gun. Rules here are 140/150 M/S which is about 460/492 FPS the gun must be semi locked and needs to have a tournement lock after FPS measuring.

So which one should i go for?
I'm thinking about the F1, Jack or Mancraft setup.

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As promissed pictures of the finished SR 25 in all it's glory...

-The SR-25 can get 500 fps on 120 PSI though it's not allowed in my country so 450 fps is pretty constant.

-Mancraft PDiK V2 Long
-Prowin hop up
-AEG macaron maple leaf 70° bucking
-Maple leaf concave nub
-Maple leaf 510mm x 6.03

-Most of it is still stock.
-Invader gear sling
-A&K Midcaps 110rd from
-SPR Grip fom Pirate Arms
-Visionking 1.25-5x26 Waterproof Riflescope
-Tactical Quick Detach Scope Mount
-SHS Metal selector
-Magpul RSA - Rail Sling Attachment
-PEQ box
-Paint job
-Balystik M4 grip connect
-Balystik regulator
-Valken HPA bottle 0.8L 48Ci 3000PSI

-about 270 - 300 foot.

-It shoots like a laser, depending on the wind and weight of the bb it keeps it's track verry nicely. and a human target on this distance is a 7/10 no problem. But like i said it all depends on the wind. .30bb's are easely affected by wind but still get nice accuracy on fairly nice distances with wind.

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