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YES, the regulated CO2 will be much more consistent in output pressure compared to the gas!
The M.A.R.S also have expansion Chambers that will further aid in keeping the pressure consistent as well as letting you mount the setup in any direction without flooding the regulator with liquid CO2.
Since the Green Gas or Propane or whatever gas you're using is affected by temperature being internal cooling of mag after several shots or external ie Winter games, you tend to have a drop off in velocity after couple of shots You will have a much more reliable shot to shot consistency in terms of pressure with regulated source. And as we all know, the shot to shot consistency is the number one reason for accuracy in our snipers.
A 12g buld equals somewhere around 150 shots depending on pressure etc.
Me personally I run Mancraft in my L96 since a year back coupled with a HPA sytem (Balystik reg, Tippman 26cui tank giving me approx 500 shots @600 fps/0.2g) but has used CO2 as backup if I run out of air, and it works just fine.
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