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Thinking of HPAing or C02 ing my DSR-1. Looking really hard at the Mancraft MARS system. It shows it being 25mm diameter, which means I could mount it under the gun on a rail with a scope mount. Then just run a small line to the back and tap one of my mags.

I know zero about the mancraft though, so any input would be appreciated.

The other option is to use a small HPA tank, which I could also mount under the gun I think. Probably have to use velcro or something though. But then I need a tank, low pressure regulator, line and taps. This is a bit more pricey than the MARS system, and I would have to deal with filling the darn tank or buying a hand pump. And honestly if I went to all that trouble I might as well just get a PCP pellet gun.

Would the C02 be more consistent than propane since it will have a regulator? C02 carts don't bother me because I can actually just walk across the road from my house and buy them. And they are not that expensive.
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