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HPA fast track

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I am an addict. I HAVE A PROBLEM (first step towards building is admitting my faults ;) )

combing forum, but looking for seasoned advice in the meantime ro help fast track.....

ssg10 in either A1/A3 stock.


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Uhhh, maybe you should post a pick of the engine, hadn't thought about that
Being that it worked for a period of time, before slam firing, I hopefully did not make the dreaded "assume" mistake.

And it initially held, albeit briefly, when I first inspected and started acting up once home.

Everything looks fine, pretty odd
So, trigger solved the slam fire issue and I am over one hurdle.

However, being new to hpa, I have a redline regulator that holds fine with co2 cannister, but if you let it be, it'll keep climbing in pressure.

Any suggestions?

If you have the old one that looks really weird, sell it.
I used to have one and stuck a BB into wood, and promptly got rid of it.
I actually got a Polarstar MRS and had an extra $10 afterwards, which I was happy about for a used reg. I have had the MRS for 3 or so years now, and have nothing bad to say about it at all, as there's nothing wrong with it.
If you are getting shitty FPS consistency, I would say that you're able to cross that off the list of possible issues, as people seem to have very few problems with that reg.

I'd buy one of these tho.
It is a Redline SFR that I picked up from hopup (actually a pr 2 for 1 and the other holds like expected).

When I first charged, it would climb immediately. Fired it it for a cartridge and then settled. Left it alone for 1, 3, 5+ and it maintained. Came back after 20 mins or so, and had climbed again (to the point where I heard the release valve venting like a slow air leak that made me think the QD was leaking.

Shoots consistently +/- 2fps, just creeps if left alone.....

I replaced an o-ring, and saw the stack of washers, but did not remove any. I will see how to r/r and try a maintenance service and inspect for any visible damage.

I was hoping to swap the engine out into a ssg and play a round today with it, but I do not want to have the chance of it causing injury.

Could something be happening in the engine itself to let it creep?

More playing around needs to occur.

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Definitely the regulator, that happened to me.
Solved with oring replacement/service?

On these gun builds:

I have learned a lesson..... If someone is wanting to sell things, and their answer is simple and generic about performance, walk away.

I enjoy a challenge, but this time I am really having to work at it. I got a few misc pieces coming, and if this don't fix the issues, I am going to kick it on down the road having the next party be that much closer to the finish line.....WITH full disclosure of what I have done up to this point

***but may still asked questions to ensure I am not inches away.....

I spent like $10 on a kit back then, and it still happened. I think it's just a sub par reg, and has a number of diehard followers that won't admit it has major creep.

The time mine creeped, I stuck a BB into a wooden board when I was screwing around at home. Years later, I cranked my BOLT way up and it required 4J to stick a BB into that same wood.
I went on the recommendation of other HPA players. Plus I got x3 regs for 200 for two builds and a backup (other gun is for son).

Can the part that reads pressure be swapped out? On the mancraft, it is in bar and stuck at a readout of 8 (not zero)

You can swap the gauge with any 1/8NPT gauge, but that has little to do with pressure creep.

If you have other regs, use them and get rid of the SFR, as it's really not that big of a bother to adjust the reg for different guns if you have different guns
Well, it is the hurry up and wait game.....

Parts coming from Mancraft to see if it can be salvaged for the JG build.

Parts coming from Wolverine for the Wraith stock (co2 spike is also bad so added that to an oring set.

The regs are a bit of a bummer, but maybe that is why you find more on the secondhand market than other brands (but I do like the compact size and overall length when using with the mancraft co2 element in the stock pouch when carrying.

Patience was needed to be exercised, but guess ya can't trust everything you read on the net.....

There is a reason I loathe to buy anything used in airsoft. Most of the time its the old bait and switch. Shows you a really good deal, has a video with it showing how nice it shoots, only to receive it and its a burning dumpster fire of disaster.
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I will agree with that 100%
At least in my case I have the knowledge to fix it. (Usually...) though boneyard guns if you know how to fix them you can get really good stuff for basically pennies. But with my 249.... yeah I spent way more on that then if I had bought it new.
These purchases were local from my field.

I correctly identified the bar10 with the sear, but other items that were not seen without disassembly were (obviously) missed. Compounded by dealing with international shipping/supply, it'll cross the pond eventually....

I have a polarstar ugs, purchased new, that has worked flawlessly. The Wraith, is a steaming pile of poo by comparison. Compounded by the fact of it being all marred and chewed up from being assembled incorrectly. Knicks right inline with o-rings which are hopefully fixed by the kit with rings that are thicker than what I previously usly sourced. If they are the same thickness, in the bin it goes..... One of the screws holes to secure reg inside of the hugger tube is enlarged that is suppose to limit movement.

Again, waiting on parts from Wolverine, saying order complete, but no shipping info/updates from last week.

On the bright side, I am picking up more work from the tech side of things that is helping me better understand the changes needed for my own personal projects. And so far, expectations have been exceeded, but I am waiting for that one where it will not be met......

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I bought a used g&g firehawk that was locked up, no idea what was wrong as took it apart looked good reassembled and ran fine, but it's always a risk.

Most people treat Airsoft guns with no care at all and have no idea how they work inside. (Even the ones that have "been upgraded to be a dsG DeAth LAZeR" before selling.)

Very few people sell fully working upgraded guns they nearly all have an issue that's a "quick or simple" fix that coincidentally they haven't done, wonder why?
Yeah, I'd not expect anything to work well, but if that's something you're after, ask them for a shooting video, but have them put some duct tape on the barrel so you know it's a recent video, not when the gun is new.

I haven't bought many used things, but it's usually to get a part like how I got my BOLT, F2, and various VSR parts. Also PTW magazines. But I only get these things used if it's a good deal, and I usually sell the other stuff that comes with the thing so I can make my money back on the inevitable broken FCU or fucked solenoid.

Used airsoft really hasn't been the same since 2019, so take your time and keep a close eye on Hopup, as most guns are totally built for like $40 less than all the stuff combined, but probably suck for some reason. Used shit is really a gamble, and you shouldn't rely on it being good immediately.
I just went straight for broke as opposed to working as intended.

I own it now, so guess the experience is worth more to me than the actual value... I will not, in good conscience, be able to pass on to be someone else's problem.

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