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Hi Guys, I’m completely new to hpa and literally know nothing about regulators and lines. The only experience is with a Tippmann M4 and that bypasses the in-line regulator part of the equation.

So I’m converting a Gbbr to run off hpa and it’s time to get a reg. I’ve decided on the ninja lpr v2 for its compact size and I’ve heard good things, plus it can run off my existing hpa tanks.

My question is more line related, mostly because of my slide check on my tippmann. Do I need a slide check? What happens if I run a line from the regulator and I just disconnect it from the mag? Will I be able to due to the pressure? Will air just spill out everywhere until the tank is empty?

These may seem like ridiculous questions but I’m really lost in the woods right now and can almost hear wolves in the distance.
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