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HPA Rig Questions

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I was wondering if a HPA rig would be better than a spring sniper. I am trying to decide whether to upgrade my spring sniper or get the KJW R700 and get a HPA rig with some other upgrades. Which one would give me better constituency in year round conditions and give me better range. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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$50 for a small tank
$100-200 for an air rig
$50 air fittings and tap

Air rigs are great for many things if your are into gas replicas or more specifically, classic airsoft. I consider it like owning a nice battery charger. Once you have gone external air you'll be able to see a huge increase in performance but KJW, like Tanakas have a complicated magazine that costs a ton to upgrade. I prefer the ARES over both but I do believe their is a clone of the ARES too. Springs are great if you are into them, gas replicas have a faster and more realistic bolt cycle. Compare external air costs to springer upgrades, ie zero trigger, spring, spring guide and whatever else you need. They are comparable in price, with springer upgrades leading slightly more in cost.

If this is your first airsoft replica, you should get an AEG and go from there. Sorry to burst your bubble but you are not the first with visions of grandeur. In reality sniping kinda sucks if you want to move around alot or are slightly impatient. Sniping takes discipline and even more skill. Actually let me reemphasize that. Sniping is 75% skill which is acquired though practice. Upgrades help a lot and even a crappy kid with an awesome gun can rock on a good day but their is absolutely no substitute for skill.
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palmer purists 200psi female stabilizer/regulator. screws right on to your bottle. You'll want a 200 psi guage and some fittings too.

Watch you mouth, you don't to burn bridges here. Woogie is a very active and helpful member amongst many.
Has this kid even asked about tanakas? Why is this in this section? Wow! Sniper234, are really off to a bad start.

Once you place a palmer stab/reg on your bottle you'll reg it down to 3-5PSI above your secondary reg. We are talking 70-80PSI, for tanakas and clones. Please do not bring up metal shrapnel again for your sake. That's absurd. Evens at 150PSI or 800+FPS they will not pepper your face with pot metal. If you operate a external reg right you would start with at 0PSI and increase pressure as need be and not just slam a ?PSI setting on to your bottle.
Beg your pardon Metallicafat, misquoted my post there.

Either way, you will not turn your mag into shrapnel under a field-able PSI. I'm not sure where anyone ever heard of such a claim but I would love to know where you, manofskill, found this. Most air fitting rupture above 200-300PSI and it won't go all at once just the weakest point but if you can show me how a tanaka mag can turn in to a shrapnel I love to see this.
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