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HPA Rig Questions

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I was wondering if a HPA rig would be better than a spring sniper. I am trying to decide whether to upgrade my spring sniper or get the KJW R700 and get a HPA rig with some other upgrades. Which one would give me better constituency in year round conditions and give me better range. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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From my experience in the sniper world right now, expect to spend alot of money for both. About 600 to 1000, depending on the springer you have. Also I think you mean a KJW M700 the only R700 I know of is made by Socom gear and that's a springer. To convert to HPA my friend spent about 500 on his HPA conversion on his MK16, but there was a lot more work in that one. Ether way im sure everyone here will help you if you have problems with ether.
The hole point of a regulator is so you can adjust the air flow to what you want. I think you should really look in to what you want, and are doing before you buy anything.
wow woogie you read my mind, but he is right.
mateba said:
Beg your pardon Metallicafat, misquoted my post there.

Either way, you will not turn your mag into shrapnel under a field-able PSI. I'm not sure where anyone ever heard of such a claim but I would love to know where you, manofskill, found this. Most air fitting rupture above 200-300PSI and it won't go all at once just the weakest point but if you can show me how a tanaka mag can turn in to a shrapnel I love to see this.
That would be a nice youtube vid, I wonder if it is like watching a paintball tank rupture.
woogie said:
You shouldn't be able to rupture the mag....... the fittings would probably be the ones to go first, or your bolt would spring a leak...
I was talking about connecting it to a air compressor and seeing what happens.
soldierofvalor said:
Another idea for you guys; take a HPA tank(50-200$) get a remote line(20-30$), and get a regulator. As for which one? Just drop by a local paintball store. Yes, yes.. I know, these terrible places actually do have a positive side! You should be able to find all of these parts at a store, maybe even tell them what you are doing for advice on a reg, they should be able to find a suitable one. Once you have your kit ready, measure the thread size of the reg's screws, find an appropriately sized drill bit, tap out a standard magazine, take a threading device, create your threads, put some thread locker on the reg, then screw her in nice and tight(whoa there).

(make sure the reg has an HPA hook up component as well as a pressure adjustment devise that can get you from 0-200) Hope this helped
If you read the whole tread this was already talked about
1 - 6 of 30 Posts
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