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HPA Rig Questions

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I was wondering if a HPA rig would be better than a spring sniper. I am trying to decide whether to upgrade my spring sniper or get the KJW R700 and get a HPA rig with some other upgrades. Which one would give me better constituency in year round conditions and give me better range. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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I think i am going to go with the KJW m700 with an external HPA rig. The only thing i am having trouble finding is the regulator. Also does anybody knows where i could buy a regulator that has an operating pressure of at least 50 psi.
dam woogie you dont need to be such a douche. I just wasnt looking in the right place. I just couldn't find the right regulator that i needed and I looked everywhere on the internet for like 4 hours. I know what upgrades i am going to get and everything else i just couldn't find the right regulator. I am also defiantly not a kid who plays to much cod or any other stupid video game. I really respected you and what you had to say but know i just think you are douche.
thank you very much for the information i really appreciate it. I know that woogie is very helpful i have saw a lot of things he posted and all of them were very helpful and i really appreciate people like him giving out information like that. Its just that when woogie said

''Try and do some of the work for yourself man.... If you really want to play this role you need to learn how to look and do things for yourself, You sound like a kid that has been playing to much MOH or COD. So please PLEASE do some research, but again it sounds like you haven't thought this out, and are not ready for what it all includes"

that really pissed me off because i had spent a couple of days finding everything i needed. I just couldn't find the regulator ( thank you mateba for helping me out) I really appreciate woogie for helping everybody out but when he said that, i just lost a lot of respect for the guy. I don't hate him and i still value his opinion but just not as much as i would of.
sorry about calling you a douche i understand how you could of saw me as a 12 year old ( i hit the wrong key on the key board when tying M700). I didnt think to look in other for the KJW M700 ( I found it now) and i will make sure to make an inro post. Again sorry about calling you a douche.
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