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HPA Rig Questions

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I was wondering if a HPA rig would be better than a spring sniper. I am trying to decide whether to upgrade my spring sniper or get the KJW R700 and get a HPA rig with some other upgrades. Which one would give me better constituency in year round conditions and give me better range. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Just to throw in my two cents, I've been thinking about building an HPA rifle, and from what I've read the Tanaka vs KJW is a 50-50 thing it seems. Some say the KJW hop up is terrible, others say its fine. XavierMace on will be comparing a group of gas rifles to compare- info here--> (sixth post down from the top)
Also, with the ninja tank, it only regulates down to 450 if its the one I've seen
which is WAAAY too high for those mags, if you go that high your gonna get metal shrapnel. You need a regulator that is able to go under two hundred to operate at a safe level. If your planning to keep the full length barrel then you don't even need a hundred to get to a high fps I believe, although I'm not entirely sure, but I've heard of getting 550 with 40psi.
I apologize. now that I think about it does seem kind of ridiculous, When woogie said fine tune I thought he meant just to get consistency and the exact PSI you wanted at 450, I did not mean field pressure. But, I did read a thread a little while back that it was possible to make one explode. But, that was a pretty old thread. I also should have thought about the other weak points in the system, and like you said the other parts would probably go first.

Once again, sorry. I will be much more careful I feel the need to post in the future.
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