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HPA Tapped Mag ?

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I have recently run into the CQB Russian HPA valve and was wondering if it works with the KJW M700 Magazines. It almost looks like if you use the " Steel CNC Triple Airsoft GBB Gas Valve Key Tool" you could remove the fill valve on the magazine and replace them with 1 of the 3 CQB Russian valves. If this is possible would you need, for example, SLP tank and SLP regulator ? Also would this be the same if not better then Caferacing's HPA tap ?
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This has been addressed a few times on the forum but i'll just regurgitate what has been said; Russian HPA valves are horrible pieces of doggy doo doo. They are built from cheap metal and have been known to break extremely easily. It is more convenient yes, but I would not count on one for long term usage, or short term for that matter. Get this: Tanaka / KJW M700 Constant Air Adapter for extended clips - Airsoft Regulators - Airsoft
It is a pre-tapped adapter that fits right into the Tanaka/Action Army long mags. Im using one and it's fantastic. If you are using the 10-round mags I would highly suggest getting a 30 rounder, as reloading constantly on the field really sucks.

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