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HPA Tapped Mag ?

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I have recently run into the CQB Russian HPA valve and was wondering if it works with the KJW M700 Magazines. It almost looks like if you use the " Steel CNC Triple Airsoft GBB Gas Valve Key Tool" you could remove the fill valve on the magazine and replace them with 1 of the 3 CQB Russian valves. If this is possible would you need, for example, SLP tank and SLP regulator ? Also would this be the same if not better then Caferacing's HPA tap ?
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This has been addressed a few times on the forum but i'll just regurgitate what has been said; Russian HPA valves are horrible pieces of doggy doo doo. They are built from cheap metal and have been known to break extremely easily. It is more convenient yes, but I would not count on one for long term usage, or short term for that matter. Get this: Tanaka / KJW M700 Constant Air Adapter for extended clips - Airsoft Regulators - Airsoft
It is a pre-tapped adapter that fits right into the Tanaka/Action Army long mags. Im using one and it's fantastic. If you are using the 10-round mags I would highly suggest getting a 30 rounder, as reloading constantly on the field really sucks.

Alright man thanks for the feedback. As for the magazine, I am looking on and have run across a magazine that claims to not work for the KJW M700, but people say that it does. If it does work for KJW M700 this is then the correct magazine for the adapter you listed ?

As for the regulator and etc. do I need a SLP regulator and SLP tank ?

Do you think you could possibly list the item(s) I would need ?
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