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Hello everyone, just updated this thread yet again with a built hpa Vsr-10! Please take a look!! Message me with any picture requests, questions, or to negotiate!! 馃嵒

Hpa Vsr-10 with Wolverine Bolt (electronic)
$650 shipped
Wood Rectangle Grey Door Wall

Kjw Mk1 Carbine lot-$175
Wood Grey Font Cross Art

Selling everything in the pic together! Unmolested mk1 pistol and a mk1 carbine. Comes with 3x mags, mk2 grips, 2x spare mk2 receivers/fluted barrels, ambi ghillie holster, and a spare mk1 stock with cheek riser.

Small lot of bags/pouches/gear-$100
Font Gas Metal Fashion accessory Auto part

Milspec Luth MBA-5 stock and ERGO palm shelf ar grip-$75
Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Tints and shades Rectangle


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