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What a changeling issue, which regulator. It really comes down to what system you will be using it on, kind of..... There are two generally types of regs used for the Airsoft/PB sport, Unbalanced & Balanced Poppet regs. Now most are of the unbalanced variant due to manufacturing cost and the fact that most are using a two reg system.

What... two Regs system, what u talking about Willis. Most airsoft/PB systems start with a tank reg which take the 3000/4500 psi down to around 850 or 450 psi. This psi is now inputted in to the 2nd reg, which for airsoft reduced it down to 0-200psi range.
Now in paintball most systems start at 850psi then it reduced to 400psi this is generally a reasonable psi reduction jump. But in airsoft the large reduction jump could adversely affect the final output psi, causing inconsistency. Additionally, the quality of the 1st regulatory can adversely affect the secondary reg.

Now back to unbalance vs balanced poppet regs. Both regs work well in paintball and airsoft but there are some advantages of a balanced reg.
A balanced reg is less sensitivity to supply pressure effect, which means it can handle variances in PSI better. In addition, a balance reg system can potently produce more flow. More expensive to produce.
Unbalanced regs are cheaper to make and generally provide the required air regulation for airsoft/PB.

As mentioned above by wyz2285, he has good luck with an industrial system and a modified input tank reg. His fist stage reg take 3000/4500 psi and reduces it to 300 and then the second stage reg takes it down to 0-200ish psi. This minimal psi reduction between the two regs allow for more consistency. Now keep in mind that his indusial reg is most likely an unbalance reg, but that's ok here because his input PSI is low. Now keep in mind we do not know what his first reg (tank reg) is.

KEY NOTE HERE is the primary (tank) reg output psi is a closer value to the intended secondary reg output. Equal the work output.

Now I tend to agree with the poster on the Airsoft/PB industry ability to claim outlandish "facts" and the ability to copy other blowgun designs. Now that does not mean their product is crap it just means it's their design on the mouse trap (blowgun).

So back to the topic, which regulator. Ok lets set some goals for our system in high to low priority.


Low cost (LOL):

Ok let's get realistic here. To go HPA cost more upfront than AEG/Green Gas, if you do it right. KEY THING IS DOING IT RIGHT. Also, where do you play and do, they support HPA fills. SCUBA tanks are expensive.

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Consistent regulations :

This is what we are really after RIGHT. How do we get this, well it requires a system of parts and any weak link in those part may cause the dreaded sad face. First, let's start with the foundation of the air supply system, the tank/reg. Now most airsoft stores generally will provide mid to low grade tank systems (850psi). These systems, although priced cheap, are the Achilles Heel of a system and cause "sad face." I have had more of these tanks be to culprit of poor chrono constancy PERIOD! They tend to not regulate consistent before and after BREAK-IN, yes reg BREAK-IN is a thing for regs. If you primary reg is not constantly providing air, your secondary reg will suffer. In this situation, if you secondary reg is an unbalanced type, it will suffer and potentially be inconsistent over the chrono. Now if it's a balance reg it will take that poor input pressure and manager it better. A balance reg works smarter and not harder. Most airsoft/PB regs are unbalance except the Redline SFR. Now keep in mind the redline air-stock reg is an unbalanced version hence why they want you to use a low input tank (<300psi.)

So, dose that make all unbalance regs crap? Well, NO, unless you feed them crap, "poorly regulated air." The funny thing is almost all secondary airsoft regs and build the same. Most issues come from poor workmanship, cheap o-rings and seals, and lake of maintenance which affects refresh rate and PSI consistency. Also, as mention above BREAK-IN is a thing with regs. Just like a new car motor requires break-in for top performance. It's generally 1000-10,000 cycles of the reg and this will need to happen after each rebuild.

So, we have talks about the two regs in the supply chain buy what about the hose. Well just like a garden hose if it's too small or to long, kinked or damaged will affect the transfer fluid.

So, the moral of the consistent supply system is do not cheap out on any of the parts and treat them as a complete system. But let's say you got one of those 850psi mid/low range tanks then what secondary reg should I get to "save $$" well your best bet for now IMO is the Balanced Redline SRF reg.

Usability with other guns:
Newer HPA air systems will work across all HPA engines (FA, and Sniper).

So which reg system. Well that a hard one. I live in the USA and Mancraft stuff is hard to get, so make sure what ever you get you will be able to service and get parts.

My systems

  1. Set at 450 to 300 psi
  2. and HK Army AeroLite2 Pro (super consistent)
  3. Ninja PRO V2 SLP 300psi on 13ci tank

Secondary reg
  1. Wolverine
  2. Palmers paintball Bolder and Stabilizer reg. (Great for 0-300 psi)
  3. Old Ninja LPR (looks like the older redline reg) need to break-in
  4. Interstate Pneumatics WRCO2 CO2 Regulator (shush works great and cheap $$)
  5. Ninja LPR 2 reg (do not buy kind of junk) utilizes the tank pin valve for regulation&#8230;errrrr

  1. Ninja Big Bore lines with foster connectors
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