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HS5 Carbon Fiber Products

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I am looking to gauge interest in these because if there is enough, I might be doing a group buy at the least, and possibly stocking them in the shop.

For those that don't know, this includes CF mock suppressors (100-400mm), handguards (100-500mm) and stocks (150-350), all in 100mm increments. Obviously I can't please everyone, but if you could post up with what you're interested in, that would be great. Prices will be elaborated on once I get more specific interest, but what we are looking at right now is ~$100 (less for shorter, more for longer) for the mock suppressors, ~$115 (less for shorter, more for longer) for the handguards, and ~$110 for the stocks (again, less for shorter, more for longer).

NOTE: None of these prices is fixed, and might fluctuate based on things such as the weather, how my dog is feeling, and how many bbs I find in the pocket of my BDUs. :p Maybe not that arbitrary, but you get the idea. I will have firmer prices once I have more interest and information.
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Very interesting but I'm low on €€!

Same here. I'd love a CF MB08 body, but the price of one would be unbearable.
The way i see it, those CF things are meant for people who have a lot of money to spare. Most of us (and I say most, not all) don't have the budget and/or would sooner buy other upgrades or guns. It would be nice to have one of those mock suppressors, but I have other things I'm saving up for.
Does the 400mm suppressor have a half-barrel sleeve? Similar to the Madbull sniper suppressor for the m28 where the threading is actually located farther inside the suppressor?
Laylax made a carbon fibre outer barrel and receiver for the VSR-10. That costed a fortune!

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Holy cow that costs several times the stock rifle does. To be honest, that pattern might just look weird on a vsr, or any rifle for that matter. I'd go for the added weight of the metal to make it feel more realistic and less like a toy gun.
I'd have to see an example of certain products as well as a actual pricing guide for standard parts before I commit any sort of money.

I did see the CF silencers on clandestine for $100. My guess is that a stock would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $500+ just based on the amount of materials used.
Wait a few years until this catches on.
Of course, I just want to see who's interested.

The mock suppressors actually are totally empty inside, with the endcap unglued so that it is an amplifier until you have the necessary licensing to make a functional suppressor, because no one would ever do something like that, now would they? ;)
I don't have problem with the foam filled supressors!
I already have one but it's too big!

Does HS5 makes CF pistol silencers! I only have a threaded G18 barrel but I could buy some for the 1911's.

He makes silencers of lengths 100-400mm, and they are 14mm threaded both ways. It's really cool how it works... Anyway, you can buy any length and thread it onto any standard airsoft thread.

I should have a standard cost menu worked out this weekend, and it should be posted fairly soon for you all to look at.
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