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Huge pile of work

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What do you all do when You have a huge pile of work, be it homework or jobs, to get yourself through it? My technique is I put it off until the last minute then don't get all of it done in time. I can't do this any more. What's your technique?
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I do it step by step. I have had procrastination episodes where I have projects for 7 classes due THE NEXT DAY, and that is impossible. I, therefore, have begun to separate my projects into sections, and do small bits (1 section from each project) every day. If it's due in a month, then that means I can separate it into at least 10 different pieces, and take them one by one. Even if I have a couple hours of doing these little pieces, it is less stressful because I can at least change subjects. I will say, however, English papers I write in one sitting. Luckily I have learned to write 1000 word papers in about an hour, so then I just have a lengthy editing process.

Basically, whatever you are good at, capitalize on that. I read and write really fast, so research can be one little section and the writing in another, so I have 8 sections left to edit, or in case I didn't get anything useful done due to writers' block, or something.

This does not hold true for science or math stuff, I frequently forget to sleep when I am working on my physics.
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things that intorest me more i do first, then i do the most anoying things math homework ,but always end up not getting it done on time :(
I don't have huge homework (yet) so I most of the time do them in the bus, and if I don't have enough time to do all, I leave things like swedish or math undone, as swedish teacher doesn't check, and math teacher doesn't care if you "forget" them once in a while.
You can't eat an elephant in one bite. When you get to college, don't procrastinate. Those people don't do succeed as well as those who don't procrastinate. Doing this makes college so much easier and enjoyable. This is coming from a pre-med.
All the people in my math class are so stupid. We've been doing the same thing for the past 3 weeks now because they just don't get it. So aggravating. I knew it from the start and I'm putting it off because it's so boring.
things that intorest me more i do first, then i do the most anoying things math homework ,but always end up not getting it done on time :(
Please improve the grammar and spelling.

LAST warning.......
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Go into a conference room and complain to my lead about how shitty our manager is and how I have more work than any one person can handle.
I do the hard stuff, or stuff I hate first, then work on the rest. Good thing school is almost done for the summer.
I either start and end really early or start and end in the nick of time....
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