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-You pay shipping
-No insurance unless requested by buyer (recommended---if no insurance, and package does not arrive, there is nothing I can do)
-Buy multiple items and get solid deals!

Have a few things lying around that I would like to sell.

Gear and Parts and mags

-Green Pouch (upper right corner) $9 (brand new)
-Double Grenade Pouch $7
- Single pistol pouch $3
-Shotgun Pouch (brand new) $12 + 6 brand new shells (some loaded once to test fire gun) $14 (bought for 16)
-Radio Pouch (black) $4
-Big Green Pouch (one that says Al Fanch) $8
-Hyrdation Pack $20


-2 JG bar 10 mags $6

-2 UTG mk96 mags $8 a piece
-HFC m17 mag $20 (does not leak)


-Guarder Bucking: $6
Systema bucking $8

--brand new never opened

Madbull 650 mm barrel (AEG)

JG Bar 10 stock and outer barrel + Cylinder set + hop up (which I cannot seem to be able to dissemble, but is ready to go)
-does not come with trigger box
-See Pics above

4x32 scope with low profile rings (works great) $40
See pics above

Also up for grabs are the following:

Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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