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Hunting for ideas and material

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Just thought I would mention, if you are looking for ideas, spend an hour or so in a hardware store. Not home depot a good large hardware store.

I have principle that what ever I build should be supportable with locally parts and not have to buy or make buckings or what not.

Case in point I wanted to find new material for a fixed hop up. I have some but it was not working for me. So I took a stroll through my favorite Ace Hardware.

Check this out. It is very high friction and is flat and easy to cut to length. Not sure how tough it is though but I suspect it is tough enough. You could also find super tough rubber sheets in red that is 8 inches x 8 inches and 3/16 thick and is used to make plumbing gaskets.

Sometimes material leads to ideas believe it or not.

Sorry about the lighting.

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Does anyone know where I can get this?

I'd really like to play with a few feet of it, but the only place I can find it is by the metric ton... and thats a little much for me...
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Its a cold rolled steel bar with a hexagonal bore down it. I'm debating if I would be able to get something like this and build a long gas foarge to twist it to create rifling and at the same time create a simple cast to cast ammo in.
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