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I feel like no matter what I do it wont shoot good!

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So Its been almost a year now since I have had my Tsd sd702(well mb07) and I feel like I just can't get it shooting right. I have the guts from a tm precision chamber(including the barrel) and it has the metal upgrade kit that came stock with it. I had a problem with hopping my BBs and now that I fixed that it just wont shoot accurately. I currently use madbull .3s and the rifle is shooting in the 510-520 fps zone. I am soon going to do the TDC mod. Any suggestions? I am simply getting frustrated with the whole project seeing as I cant even effectively hit 200 feet now.

-Also I would rather not dump a bunch of money into the rifle unless I know I can get it to shoot good. I had a king arms bucking also until it ripped..(currently using stock bucking)
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well, all i can say is keep faith, it has taken me a bit longer to get my Gas L96 to where it is now, and that is pretty solid. from wat i have read here, the TDC mod and a nineball bucking should really help, and i do not know about the barrel but that might not be bad to look at switching over to a madbull V2 6.03. I use gas or AEG's so i am not the greatest with spring rifles.
Thanks for the reply. Are there any madbull barrels available that have the vsr 10 cut? I have no luck finding any.. Also, I have a choice. I can but like 250 dollars into the sniper, or buy a cyma svd and throw in a new spring and barrel. The thing is 250 dollars could really make this gun shoot, but at the same time it could also be a waste. That's why I want to fix the current state of the gun and get it shooting at least "decent" before throwing money at it.
crap, you are right, I forgot that VSR cut barrels are different then AEG.
Yea that is why I want the svd. Regardless though I am still interested in fixing my rifle. I know the tm barrel is considered pretty good. Depressingly the barrel has a small diameter on the inside therefore it has a proprietary chamber, although the internals are compatible. I'm almost about to just gut the chamber, redo all of it and then put it back together after the tdc. Does the nineball really make a big difference in performance?
im not sure, but it seems to be what everyone here swears by, that or an ER-hop.
Er hop, tight bore, lrb, tdc mod. Also shim your hop up. All these will help your bb find it's mark. Personally I'd shim hop up, then tightbore barrel. That's should help considerably.

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Can anyone recommend a relatively inexpensive tight bore? Under 50 dollars would be fantastic.
You can mod the madbull V2s to work with a VSR hop chamber and bucking.
Not really you just need a vice or something similar as well as a thin file, I think, but cheese really is the man for that stuff...
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No, it isn't hard. You will have to modify the bucking and the barrel slightly, but it can be done with a thin file and a level.
So is the nineball bucking as good as every one claims it is? I wouldn't mind spending the money if it is significantly better than most buckings. My king arms ripped because it was a little fat and didn't sit right and within 500 rounds it ripped open. Is the nineball really large?

I also need to try .4 gram BBs because I have to have my hop on the lowest setting for my .3s to not over-hop.
The KA bucking is awful. The nineball is a good bucking, I have never had issues with one.
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