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I have this weird "thing" on my 1911

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Hi guys!:
I would like to know why this happens to my 1911, I have noticed that it happens in other 1911s or hi capa. Will it be normal? Or can this cause problems? Because my gun continues to fire and behave normally, but it bothers me to know that it has this, which in my opinion is not normal, and it is driving me crazy!


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It is just getting worn, it happens to all GBBs and all real semi automatic pistols.
Eventually the slide and frame will be worn to a point where they will need to be replaced, or you would need a new gun.
I would recommend that you put some really thick grease on the contacting areas in the slide and frame to make it last longer, the only other thing to help with wear besides not shooting it lol
Ohhhhh, I don't really know, probably also wear
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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