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I like to shoot people with plastic guns.

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Hello airsoft sniper community, my name is Ryan and i come to you from the capitol of California. I have tinkered with my fair share of plastic guns and after lurking this forum for a while I decided to finally make an account. Hopefully I can have a place to keep all of my VSR-10 related thoughts so I can get them out of my head!

And for the sake of using this cool template:

Name: Ryan Kado

Callsign: Usually it's "Hey sniper!"

Experience: 8 years playing airsoft.

You're arsenal: TM VSR-10, JG BAR-10, TM MK23, G&G M4A1, UTG Tri Shot.

Your camo: Home-made ghillie, ACU and tan gear for urban.

What are your other hobbies?: Professional drifting, surfing, and playing guitar.

Where do you reside: California

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Welcome aboard! Would love to see some pics of your guns as I love your collection!
In the Sacramento area, eh?
Welcome! :) I'd really like some mod tips for vsr's.
Thanks for the welcome everyone. I want to make a thread that I can use to keep track of all my thoughts, info, and pictures both VSR related and otherwise, just to keep track of all of my findings in airsoft so I don't go forgetting things. Where is the best place for this? If it is too much for one section, I can just make multiple threads.

Maybe on the general section for well, general thoughts and the rifles section->vsr/tanaka/maruzen for invidual rifle thoughts.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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