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I need your opinion about "MetalTac" brand

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I'm close to buy this airsoft gun.

MetalTac Mark-96 MOD 02 Version Airsoft Sniper Rifle 460 FPS Fluted Barrel w/ 4-16x50 Attacker Scope & Bi-Pod Package

uses a marui sistem (magazine in front of trigger), it's foldable and includes piston and guide spring in full metal, bipod and 4-16X50 Iluminated reticle, his magazine are in full metal.

Power? 460-480 FPS

anyone know how about quality its that Brand?

Thanks for your opinions :shot:
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If I recall correctly, it's actually a WELL m4402d. I think there is even a review on it on the forums.

The WELL is a replica of the Marui version. It's not a bad riffle, not at all. It's just nog as easy to upgrade as a TM VSR. Also, the magazine tends to act up.

I searched real quick and found this review:
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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