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I need your opinion about "MetalTac" brand

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I'm close to buy this airsoft gun.

MetalTac Mark-96 MOD 02 Version Airsoft Sniper Rifle 460 FPS Fluted Barrel w/ 4-16x50 Attacker Scope & Bi-Pod Package

uses a marui sistem (magazine in front of trigger), it's foldable and includes piston and guide spring in full metal, bipod and 4-16X50 Iluminated reticle, his magazine are in full metal.

Power? 460-480 FPS

anyone know how about quality its that Brand?

Thanks for your opinions :shot:
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Yes, it's a same sniper rifle.:yup:

Today I received my sniper (MetalTac Mark-96 AWS MOD 02 Foldable) and my review is this:

1.- Quality AMAZING :tup: , i see a well sniper but this it's a little bit more quality, and came with a piston, spring guide (both are in aluminum reinforced), spring and trigger reinforced.:tup:

2.- the power it's about 480Fps, the range and the accuracy its brutal (I test with .20 and .25 at the moment) Amazing for the price of the sniper. (it came with 5000 BB's of .25gr) :tup:

3.- It comes with Bipod and Scope, the scope it's a 4-16x50 EG and Range Finder Reticle, Turrets freely adjustable (not need a coin for that) and Tri-Rail system in the Bipod adapter (for adds like lasers, lanterns etc.) and the Scope ( Great to put "scopecams" and other attachments on the Scope) Simply AMAZING for the price.

The only in plastic parts are the body of rifle and the BB loading ramp and his loading plate, but with a little of Superglue and thin cloth you may able to reinforce that to prevent broke easily that pieces. And for the loading ramp with 2 pieces of thin metal sheet glued to the walls of the ramp, that way we prevent the rupture of this (and being very careful to loading obviously).

The only "bug"that I found was the "pin" what push the Hop up, that pin not returned to it's original place once time you adjust the hop-up, To fix them I put a little spring in that pin to help them to return and i'ts done!

only 30 minutes of patience for reinforce that pieces and the sniper it's finished. :yup:

In a future I will instal a R-hop and a system to illuminate the Glow In the dark BB's without buying a tracer (I need to find the right place to put the "charging light" in the system, maybe between loading ramp and hop up chamber for BB's charged at maximum light :) ) When it's finished I made a DIY tutorial :)

To finish this short review, I'm very happy with this rifle, it exceed my spectations as I tried it for the first time.
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