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I'm currently facing a couple of issues with my ICS MARS Komodo. Note that the gun is brand new. I haven't even used it in game yet. I just took a few shots inside my house.

Issue No.1: BBs rolling down the barrel.
With no hop dialed on, I fire a few rounds and everything is perfect. But when I stop shooting and tilt the gun down, a BB rolls down the barrel. After the BB rolls down I get a dry shot.

Issue No.2: Double feeding.
Everytime (and I mean, EVERYTIME) I fire a few rounds in single shot mode, then switch to safe mode, then switch back to single shot and pull the trigger, I get two BBs being shot at once.

I posted this on another forum and this guy thought it might be a faulty bucking so I exchanged for a new one but no luck. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with the ICS spring release feature. When you switch to safe mode, the motor releases the spring tension automatically. It might be chambering a second BB. I've even recorded the mechanism functioning today. Take a look, please:

What I did in this video was:
1) one shot in single shot mode;
2) switched back to safe mode;
3) switched back to single shot and shot twice;
4) switched back to safe mode again.

Note that if I only shoot once, the nozzle stops half way. Now, if I switch back to safe mode after only one shot, the nozzle backs it up until the end and then all the way forward. If I shoot twice, the nozzle goes all the way back after the second shot (as opposed to stopping half way, as it happens when shooting only once). If I switch back to safe mode after shooting more than once, the nozzle only goes forward. I don't know if it's expected to act like this but it's what I'm getting. And from my newbie perspective, it seems that it's chambering a second BB by doing that.

It makes sense since if no hop is dialed on, the bb will roll down the barrel. If there's hop dialed on, it stays chambered and locked inside the bucking. Then, when I switch to safe mode (and the spring release mechanism is triggered) the nozzle goes back and chambers another BB.

Again, I'm only guessing here. I have almost zero mechanics knowledge. Does my theory make sense?

Thanks in advance,

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I would go through all the trouble shooting methods.

1.maybe it's your trigger finger. Do you "flick" the trigger or hold it in completely momentarily while on semi auto. If you don't have a decent mosfet, battery and motor your gun will often so "half cocked".

2. If this doesn't fix the issue , try using your gun with multiple batteries

3. If the issue persist try using your gun with different mags (midcaps, hi caps and different brands). Possibly the mag pushing bbs up to hard into the chamber causing double feeds.

4. If the issue persist after that it's safe to say the issue is the hop up chamber or bucking.

Since you have already tried other buckings more than likely it's the chamber.

Sidenote: if you are using .20gram or .12 gram bbs try a .25 or .28 gram bb and see if that also fits the issue. Sometimes bbs can do that.
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