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I was playing airsoft with a couple of friends and during a match, I felt the stock against my arm give way. I thought well thats weird I don't think I should feel this. So i looked down to see the stock hanging from the wire that's attached to the gearbox. From looking it over, it seems to have only broken the lower receiver. It cracked all the way around the pin that holds it to the gearbox and rest of the gun. I have found this:

ICS M4 M16 Airsoft Plastic Receivers Kit - Airsoft M4 Receiver Kit - - AirSoft Gun Warehouse

which I know will work(sense its the same thing my gun has) but I do not want to buy another thing by ICS that is plastic. The insides of this gun are good but the externals of it have done nothing but give me trouble it seems like. Compared to my old jg m16, the externals are crap. But I would like to know anyone elses reference to a new lower receiver. (I don't think the upper receiver is broke, but if you think it'd be a valuable upgrade go ahead and tell me about it.) Does anyone know of a better lower receiver that can fit an ICS sportsline m16? What about an aluminum one? I think it'd be too heavy, but I don't have much experience with the metal over plastic. So if you have any experience, let me know. The only I have is my friends scar which does seem tooo bad. But then again I do have a bigger gun... and would the metal work well with a plastic upper?
During a quick field attempt to take the battery out of the stock so it wouldn't keep putting weight on the wire that goes into the gearbox, I lost the lower screw to the stock. So, I still have the one that attaches to the rifle its self and a little bit of ducttape can hold the plate at the end still. But if anyone knows a cheapish better stock then that would be appreciated too.
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