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Hey guys,

I stuck this thread in the lounge because it's not exatly sniper related...

Although my main aim in airsoft is to be a sniper, I have been thinking about an AEG for when a sniper rifle simply isn't practical, and as everyone in my local venue seems to have either an M4 (or other AR15 derivitive) or a G36 I wanted something a bit different.

I like the MP5 with the solid stock, and research has shown me that the two "basic" model (I know there are a bunch of tactical, naval, special forces etc variants) MP5s with this stock are the MP5A2 and the MP5A4.

I am quite a stickler for realism, and that has biased me towards the A2. The reason being that the main difference between the real steel A2 and A4 are that the A4 has a selection for 3-round burst, whereas the A2 only has semi or fully automatic fire. Most airsoft versions of the A4 have the A4 style selector switch and bullet diagrams, but no 3-round burst option unless you shell out thousands on one of those professional training weapons.

Out of all the airsoft MP5s on the market the ICS seems to have the most favourable reviews... this one for example really being a prime example of what people think.

So here's the problem... ALL the reviews I have found on the interwebs for ICS MP5s seem to be on the MP5A4, and they all seem to say that before the current version (the version 3) the reliability was pretty poor, but the version 3 has fixed all that.

I can buy a brand new ICS MP5A2 for the exact same price as the "version 3" MP5A4, but does anyone know if ICS "fixed" the A2 model in the same way as they did with the V3 A4?

I dont want to buy an out-dated and unreliable lemon if I can get the exact same gun with slightly different aesthetics but all the problems ironed out for the same price, but having said that I dont want to get the "compromise" A4 if the A2 has been upgraded also and therefore is just as good.

Does anyone own an ICS MP5A2 and if so which version? And have you had any reliability or build quality problems with it?

Thanks in advance

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The Jg one is supposed to be one of the best out there, even if inaccurate to the real thing.
YEah newbie's right - get a better gun and program the mosfet rather than a crappier one and a three round burst.
nelsonho396 said:
Umm I got a CSI Mp5(also known as the JG). I did a trade for it expecting it to be a ICS but it was not so yeah. I tested the gun. The gun is amazing. With the CA high torque motor. It just rips. VERY VERY nice. Accuracy wise. I didnt have enough battery charge to check.Also it for sell for 150 so yeah.
There full metal too, aren't they?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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