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My honest advice is to hold your tongue. You won't prove him wrong with snappy comebacks. If you aren't that good, just bide your time and do your best. You are getting OJT, on the job training. Military snipers train for hard for months and years because they can't afford to make even one mistake. You don't have the luxury of millions of dollars worth of equipment and training so you do your best.

I'm now dishing out my secret weapon for getting respect from others, so I expect you to use it wisely. It's just as uncomfortable to get compliments, although they're appreciated, as it is to be harassed. Moreso if you ask me. In either situation I prefer to offer a zen-like response. A simple shrug accompanied by "I do my best." And that's it. Don't say more, don't explain it. You shrug, you dish the line, and you STFU and get job done. (This works even better if you really are trying your best...)

This applies to everyone, and there are more than a few airsofters who need to learn this lesson:

In the real tactical world (military, LEO, contractors), you can pick the true operators out of the crowd by what they DON'T say. Ever stop to wonder why, if some is as shit hot as they say they are, they still feel the need to tell you? You want to prove yourself as a quality sniper (or any anything in ANY area of life)? STFU and just get it done.

Don't brag if your good, because pride goes before a fall. I've seen it time and time again, and I've even jacked it up quite a bit myself. I know probably better than anyone the value of keeping your mouth shut. More than once I've been on the brunt end of saying something stupid and losing respect for it. You can loose more respect with a single ill spoken sentence than you can gain in years of quality work. STFU and just get it done.
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