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Phridum pretty much covered it. I mean... I try and do my best every single game of airsoft, like it's my last. However mistakes happen and things can go astray, but regardless of that you just need to keep your head up. Just as you hear in real steel, Snipers will, and always will... Get shit for absolutely no reason. We are a devious profession, one that relys on out-witting, not out powering the opponent. This is where a clear mind comes into play. If you go in saying "Oh, I'm going to prove that bastard wrong" and start playing agressive... Sure you'll get a shot or two at an opponent, but who knows how long you with a bolt action, can fend off 6-7 guys with AEG's.

Just think clearly, plan deviously, and have great confidence in yourself and your abilities, and you'll prove wiser and better equiped than any kid on that field.

Cheers man,
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