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I'm a noob sniper looking to get a good gun

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This is my first post on the sniper forums, so please let me know what I can do to make my self a better poster.

I've got a P.O.S. UTG shadow ops sniper, and I'm looking to get a real gun. I've heard allot of good things about Tokyo Maurie, Classic army and Maruzen, which is your favorite brand?
what are the pros and cons of each brand?
do you have a suggestion brands?

I'm also looking to keep it under 200$
but it looks as if thats not going to happen
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For $200 you can forget about any of those companies you listed unless you plan on keeping it stock (bad idea). And if you do plan on keeping it stock.. you might as well stick with your UTG.

Maruzen has out-of-the-box reliability on it's side coupled with a fine selection of aftermarket parts available from other manufacturers. The APS2 and APS Type 96 are their best selling replicas. There aren't many cons to a Maruzen rifle save maybe the trigger (fails under high stress)

Tokyo Marui again is a big name in airsoft and will be reliable to an extent. Laylax offers a lot of nice parts for the VSR10 series. The VSR is a good starter gun, also has a lighter bolt pull due to it's shorter cycle. Note the external finish on these guns is remarkably toy-like.

Classic Army offers only one spring rifle, the M24. This gun can be upgraded to a very effective status but it takes some money so I'd stay away from it seeing is you have a budget. A stock M24 is not a reliable sniping system, plain and simple. Plus, stock M24's cost over $200 anyway.

A good place to find quality used replicas is

Our favorite brand shouldn't affect your decision, this is your rifle. As a final word, I'd either suggest a Maruzen APS2 or the TM VSR10 Gspec.
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