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So after a rather busy couple of months with work I am finally have free time again.

So my load out has completely changed.
I currently no longer have a bolt action rifle :(

Right now I still have the m15cqbr that I completely upgraded.
And working on a m14.

So m15cqb status (New Parts):
G&P Trigger Block (wiring)
selector switch
piston and cylinder
Magpul Miad Grip
Modify S100 Spring

Status of my m14: (on the bench)
G&G M14 with Kingarms Ras Kit
Got it already upgraded to 389 fps (field limit is 400fps for aegs)
Need to fix the fuse, wiring and custom paint it.

Current scope:
M1 3.5-10x50mm red/green with lens hood...
The same one that was on my vsr10 (the baseball bat)

So that's my life how is everyone else doing?
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