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Political party?

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I'm bored and I'm confused. Opinions?

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"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

All of the people here seem like they're pretty chill, and I don't think will attack others for dissenting opinions, but just in case gentlemen, ^the quote. Be respectful. I want to hear your opinions.

Not limited to Americans, if you have an opinion on anything, or want to challenge one of mine go for it.

I can't seem agree with any political party, and well I'm considering Poly-Sci(political science) as a major after highschool so yeah, opinions on a few things:
-health care
-social security
-legality of marijuanna(No "but it's fun dude." Possible problems with inmates with drug charges, etc.)
-gay marriage

WARNING. Opinionated answers. I don't mean to offend anyone here, but the whole point is to say what I believe in, and figure out my party.

"War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!" >:D
I think that war is an excuse for resource collection, and establishment of US power in foreign countries. It kills young men, while our "leaders," and greedy corporate business men sit back and rake in the dough. Regardless of this, I can't wait till I join the Marines, and get in there. I think it should be mandatory to join the military for two years, but deployment should be optional for those who went involuntarily.

Healthcare. I don't know what to do about it as of right now, but free health care is not the way to go. I'm sorry, but if everyone gets healthcare free, then it becomes second rate. If the government pays doctors I'm sure it won't be as much as with privatized health care, and there will be a lower supply of doctors, and with a lower supply, you can't weed out as many lesser skilled medical students.

Welfare. :doh:FDR's biggest F*%# up. You know, during the depression, people would rather starve, than take government handouts, people killed themselves rather than take from the government. Not that it was a good thing, but it showed how people had more pride, and wanted to earn their bread. Look at America now. Full of lazy people who easily take handouts, and beg. I see people with nice shoes, and cars, and purses, (I work at a grocery store.) who use food stamps, and other governmental support. You need help from the government, but you can afford to buy a $300 coach purse, or $200 Jordans, yeah.:bs: Worse than them are homeless people. I have no sympathy for them. If I can get a job, as a minor(which is a pain.) why can't you? I highly agree with Carnegie's gospel of wealth. He believed in helping people by providing resources like libraries, and creating jobs, rather than just giving them money. There was a quote in which he basically stated that you should help only the worthy, those who are willing to put effort into the betterment of their lives. I think many corporate businessmen should look into it, you don't need billions. I believe in hard work. If you're lazy, don't be surprised at what your life is like. You get out what you put in.

Social Security I have no problem with. Governmental help is good when it goes the the sick, and disabled. Especially vets.:tup: I may joke around about the other branches being useless,(MARINES ALL DAY BABY!:bird:) But I respect anyone, and everyone who joins the military, especially soldiers. :tup:

The world economy is crap. US is pretty bad, we officially owe more than we make, and we're not even close to being the worst. Europe is bad. Europe is worse than the US. Mos, European governments aren't exactly socialist but have socialistic leanings. Like Englands Nationalized healthcare. It isn't working out. Wealth distribution shouldn't even be considered. I'm not rich by any standards, so not because of that. I just feel that if you work for your money, you should be able to afford what you want, and not be taxed a huge chunk of your income. I think a Free market capitalist system would be best. I mean a real one. Not this crap excuse for one that we have in the US. Laissez-faire my @$$. Politicians regulate everything.

I'd prefer a smaller government, which provided protection in general, and protection from monopolies. Other than that, no intervention in markets. Not imperialistic like our government is now. But then there's really no need for a military, and I'm out of a job. what to do, what to do?

I think pot should be legal. It really isn't even as bad as alcohol or cigarettes. I'm with Ron Paul on the legalization and taxing of marijuana, that's another good source of income that our country desperately needs. The problem is that there are many people in jail for marijuana related "crimes" so I'm not sure how that would work out.(For the record I don't smoke, or do any drugs. Except for the occasional drink of whiskey... And vodka... Occasional. Not a drunk.)>:D

I'm pro-choice. The thing won't even resemble a child for like the first 3-4 months. I've seen abortion videos, they don't look like babies. It's much better than a child getting abandoned, or abused, because people are idiots and can't spend $10 on some condoms. Besides with the rate of teen pregnancies, it would just be better if they had the option to abort. Kids shouldn't be raising kids. It's also not fair for a child to be born and be unwanted. Among those things it is an infringement of rights. How does someone determine what a woman can do with her body? That's just as bad as segregated water fountains.

Gay Marriage. This is a touchy subject, since gay guys make me very uncomfortable. I'm kind of homophobic, but it's just towards guys. Homosexuality between guys is disgusting IMO. Lesbians are great, and Bi-sexual women are the greatest invention ever.:yup: Trust me, I know, my girlfriend is Bi-sexual.:yup: That being said. I think that they should be allowed to get married. I know I'm not going to marry a guy, and as long as they stay away from me, I have no problem. I can respect that you have different beliefs, and I'm not the guy who goes up to a gay dude and insults him for it, or beats up people for it. I don't value any talent or ability less because of it either. IE, Freddie Mercury was a great singer, I listen to his amazing music, but I wouldn't meet him given the chance. I just think it's gross, and keep it to myself.

As far as social issues go, I generally align myself with more with the democratic party. I align myself more with republicans when it comes to economics. Socially liberal, and fiscally conservative I guess.

Who would I vote for? Poly-sci major who can't say he has a political party. Lol.
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Now dont drag all the european countries into this...

Norway's economy is strong, we dont have debt' we have money on book.
& we have a socialist goverment.
We also have 100% covered healthcare. (top quality one)
We have free school's too.

But hey, we do have a shitload of OIL :lmao: :tup::bird:
Did I hear oil? Watch out, America's gonna pull another operation Iraqi freedom, and invade Norway. :hehe::hehe:

I know, but this still doesn't find me a party to vote for.:shrug:

I am, in most respects of the word, a socialist.

Welfare? Nobody is getting rich off welfare, and a social safety net is absolutely necessary for all those people who cannot work at all.

Remind me to finish this later, I need to type this up somewhere else first so I can proofread it. :p
What determines whether or not you can work? We have social security for people who are sick, or disabled, and can't work, that I agree with. But welfare is just giving hand outs. Being lazy is not an excuse. At the very least we could limit welfare to a one time starting amount of cash so you can survive while you look for a job.
I don't understand. If they're physically able to work, why couldn't the be employed?
If they're handicapped that's what social security is for. Welfare just gives free stuff to lazy people.
I think the solution for the pot issue is to legalize it, but to keep all the people in jail who were convicted of crimes relating to it. It was illegal at the time. How did it work out for the people arrested during the prohibition era?(Not a rhetorical question. I really don't know.)

I agree with your opinion on the gay thing. It does make me uncomfortable, but hey, we can coexist as long as I'm not bothered. Someone needs to do something about the catholic church. Religion as a whole serves no purpose IMO. I mean, when it was created, it had a purpose: To control the chaotic societies. It did lead to more organized civilizations, but look at all the problems it caused as well. I think they should have done away with it, or limited it influence like three centuries ago. Society now has a justice system, which although flawed, can help keep people in check.

I'm with you 100% that intervention for humanitarian aid a good reason for war, but only for that. See, but although I know this is the right way to go, it still puts me out of my dream job. No wars all the time, no need for Mr.Marine.

You make a good point. I didn't really think about that or really look into it, but as long as a private sector is kept then I guess free healthcare could work. I believe that convenience comes at a price. I had just assumed that universal healthcare meant the same for everyone, and abolished the private sector.

I stand firm on the welfare issue. Too many people abuse it. I know this one homeless guy that I pass by sometimes, who would always offer to wash your car, clean it etc, those type of people should get help in order to jump start their lives, but for the most part, the homeless people here just sit and beg. I have seen this first hand: My friends mom stopped by a McDonalds to get us something to eat a few years ago, and a Homeless guy asked her for money. She offered to buy him a meal, and he declined and walked away angry. It's not just one guy, a lot of them are like that. I've also seen multiple signs saying "Need money for beer." Although it's hilarious, it's also infuriating that people don't even put effort into doing anything about their situations.
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:lmao::lmao: Okay. Now that we've had our laugh let's stop the religion talk. :hehe::hehe:
Lupin, thanks for bringing that up. Gun laws are ridiculous.

And ITTG, I agree, our prisons, and our laws should be changed. How is it possible for someone to get more jail time in certain cases for smoking pot, than killing someone? Norway's prison system looks pretty good. Like I've said about welfare, if you're willing to put in the effort to better yourself, you deserve a chance.
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