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I'm Sorry!! Bought not built!

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SO! One day I was thinking,"HUH. What if you BUY the most EXPENSIVE parts possible, then just SLAP them on, and how would they COMPARE to a BUDGET build?" So, I made a BUILD sheet, and HERE it is!!

VSR 10 Project

Item Cost
Maple Leaf Hop Up Arm $15.00
Maple Leaf Autobot 60 degree $10.00
Action Army 55 round Magazine $15.00
Bulltrigger VSR 10 $93.95
Bulltrigger Cylinder Glide Rings $11.85
Bulltrigger Spring Guide $????
Action Army 90 degree piston $39.99
Laylax PSS10 SP190 Spring $25.00
Edgi 430mm Inner Barrel $130.00
Reliku Outer Barrel $260.96
Action Army Teflon Cylinder $74.99
Maple Leaf Scope Rail $30.00
Laylax Bolt Handle $65.00
UFC AEOG 3-9x50 Scope $65.00
Modelwork M40A3 Conversion $179.00
Angel Custom Trigger guard $25.50
Angel Custom Magazine Release $17.00
Angel Custom Bedding Pillar $8.50
Total $1,066.74

Again Im sorry, but also #gunporn :funny:
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As Reliku mentioned, those are not the most expensive (or best in my opinion) parts.

Plus some of the parts listed won't work with each other.
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