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Could not agree more Mosin.

Heck, I have had games where I did not take a shot, but instead, acted as the "eyes" for my team. During a small game, my spotter and I headed up towards a hill, and set up shop, about 1200 feet from where most of the fighting would take place. Turns out, for the next two hours or so, we simply scanned the field, and reported to our team members what was going on, where the enemy was, etc. etc. At one point, a guy from both our team and the opposing team were about twenty five feet away from eachother, but neither knew/could see that the other person was there. But being able to communicate with my team, I was able to radio down to him, giving our guy the advantage.

Meanwhile, the opposing team, having no clue where my spotter and I were, were worried about getting pinned/fired upon. After the game, as we talked, one of the guys said how they literally laid down some fire on a bush/tree for around 10-15 minutes, thinking they saw us. This kind of "fear" can seriously effect the opposing team's performance, even if the sniper team does not take a single shot all game.

That is my favorite part of sniping. Being able to set up a hide, and communicate with my team, giving us the advantage on the field.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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