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There are two separate types of fire, effective and ineffective. A little example of ineffective would be a guy with an AEG shooting almost in the sky and trying to rain the bb's down on you. Not really actually hitting you, but it will keep you down if they're close.

Then there is effective, this is the type of style we go for. It's one or two shots before you hit your target, the enemy knows your there and knows that if they move they'll be done for. A good example of this is in the book "93 Confirmed", a true story of former GYSGT Carlos Hathcock, in which him and his spotter effectively pinned an entire platoon sized force of NVA for 48 hours straight, only firing when the enemy exposed themselves, and forcing them to stay pinned down until they ultimately ended up losing around 30 of their men, and surrendered to grunt USMC troops that swept through a few days later.

Ultimately in Airsoft this is what we're striving for. As Airsoft snipers our main job is not to deliver effective firepower, but to observe and report what we see. A sniper in the real world will maybe only shoot two or three shots in their lifetime career, but they do count, as you've pointed out.

I recall a game in which I was in a well enforced hide with my Sniper, Livonia. We had single handedly pinned down about 12 airsofters from a certain other team and eventually after Livonia and I had relocated without them knowing they were still hiding behind cover trying to figure out how to move, until they were engaged by our assault element of our team and eventually removed from the equation.

Airsoft is not as consistent as a real steel rifle, you can't just enter in the numbers for distance/wind and elevation and instantly put your bb on target, this is where those misses can occur. Just something you have to take with the job but ultimately as you attend more games you'll learn how to become better with your rifle and almost become one with it, knowing how it shoots in different environments.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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