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In Your Opinion: Bipod Necesity?

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Well I guess the title somewhat explains what I am asking. I am going to purchase my JG BAR 10 G-Spec soon and I am wondering if a bipod is really necessary. The field I play it is more CQB based but there are places I could potentially set up a bipod but I dont know if it is really worth the extra $30 on So please just tell me in YOUR opinion would a bipod really be necesary for purchase?
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With that gun no. It's pretty light.

I do however have that exact bipod(the short one in the first couple of pictures) on my Tanaka and it seems to work well. You aren't going to want a long bipod because it will be tough to aim while prone.
A bipod is not needed for Vsr-10 clones, the gun is to light for it. When lying prone you can rest the body on your hand, it's just not neccessary.

However, like Swordfish said, a bipod is useful on a Tanaka. My Tanaka weighs in at 14lbs, so a bipod is usefull.
I have not used a bipod on my TM VSR 10, but I did run one with my old l96. In game, I usually prope the gun against a rock or anything that can provide support when I am in prone and it does the job. No need to carry the extra dead weight.
A bipod, in my opinion, is a luxury, not a necessity, on any gun. With that said, every single one of my bolt actions and DMRs, past and present had a bipod.

Like I always tell my team, it's better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Bipods really don't add much weight to a gun, and they're not expensive at all. They're also not generally much, if any of an inconvenience to have on the gun even if you're not using. My suggestion would be to get it, because that time you really need it and don't have it will make you regret not having it.
Bipods really don't add much weight to a gun
This GREATLY varies with which bipod you are referring to. The bipod I have now for my G96 weighs.. at least 5 pounds. I think it's solid Uranium.
I have a Bar10 and use a bipod. I would agree with dutton's analysis on the matter.
I prefer a pack, the one that I use to hold my HPA tanks, etc. I just take it off and use it to stabilize my shots. I usually get way too much crap stuck in my bipod, and it just gets gummed up and annoying. Don't get me wrong, I am not averse to getting dirty, but when my bipod has a 3 foot stick hanging off of it, I am not such a happy camper.
when my bipod has a 3 foot stick hanging off of it
You should call your rifle nicer things or she won't appreciate it! :lmao:
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Aye, my bi-pod literally weighs almost a kilo.
I like bipods, but there is almost ALWAYS something to rest your rifle on to act as a bipod. You can even use the back of your left hand if you're lying down, that keep it nice and steady.

When crawling through grass and bushes they can get in the way a bit, but I still use one and probably always will!

I never use the bipod on my VSR in a game. I usually just use it to sit my gun somewhere while I take a break.
In my opinion,it is all about your size and can you keep your gun sturdy without a tree or any object holding it.If it is a heavier rifle then yea of course attatch a bipod but for a gun that does not weigh that much and you are a bigger guy then you might not need it but if you think you will need it then go for it!
It depends. If you are standing for most of your shots a bipod is almost more of a burden than a blessing. The extra weight makes it harder to steady and to stay steady. If you are lying down most of the time it is very helpful given that if you are nice and steady the only movement is what you intend to do.
I have a QD bipod on my L96 so i just keep it in a pouch and attach it when necessary.
I have a QD bipod on my L96 so i just keep it in a pouch and attach it when necessary.
That's actually a pretty good idea. I never thought about carrying one separately.
yea, its just the clippy inny tri-rail and bipod that came with the rifle. the only down side is that because its in a dump pouch on my backside, it bangs against my legs when i run.
So far I have never used a bipod on any of my rifles. I play at a fairly large outdoor field and leaning against rocks and resting the stock on the rock would suffice.
That's actually a pretty good idea. I never thought about carrying one separately.
Aye I think I might give that a go. :)
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