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Information on the RAP4 system?

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As some of you may have noticed I am trying to move away from my G36c and move toward more of a DM platform.

I have been weighing the options for some time now and recently re-discovered the RAP4 system and have noticed that they have added hop-ups and adapters to take normal AEG magazines into their designs.

I am wondering if anyone has heard of this system or has any experience with it or even better has better knowledge of the specs on it (i.e. barrel size hop up type etc.)

The things that I like about it are the variability of FPS, the gas set up with a remote line that takes standard AEG magazines and the durability of it since it was made as a mil-sim system.

There is a shop "locally" that i can go to to try and get some answers to these questions and specifics, but if its generally considered to be a lemon or meant for the speed queens then I'll just leave it alone lol.

btw. here is a link to the website if you arent familiar with it:
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They do look cool, but they are a pain to use. My guard unit actually has a few of there paintball guns. They do look great but they are a pain in the butt. You have to use those little rings in order for the rifle to shoot.

I would say go for a normal AEG if that is what you want. You will find a lot more people to ask questions about. As well as many more parts for the common AEG's.
psh, known is so... ordinary ::). naw, I understand where you guys are coming from. Ive just been pondering a pseudo DMR (I'd prefer to keep it semi and auto but still have accuracy) and have been trying to look at all my options. However, vindis SL8 build keeps tempting me to modify my G36....
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