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inner barrel questions

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So, I have a Bar 10 which I'm getting ready for a big game. I sat down at the computer and search for tight bore barrels... 6.05, 6.04, 6.03, 6.02, 6.01, even a 6.00 Inner diameter barrel! Which is the best Inner diameter for a barrel on a gun that shoots about 450-500 fps? and has any one used the Tanio Koba rifled barrel? I want accuracy and range. Thanks for any help.

Col. Zombie
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If you get anything less then a 6.03 then brace your self for nice fps and shite accuracy.

Known fact, most people over here are swapping out there 6.01s in favour of a 6.05 because it yealds better accuracy.

...... Just to save him searching ;)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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