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inner barrel questions

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So, I have a Bar 10 which I'm getting ready for a big game. I sat down at the computer and search for tight bore barrels... 6.05, 6.04, 6.03, 6.02, 6.01, even a 6.00 Inner diameter barrel! Which is the best Inner diameter for a barrel on a gun that shoots about 450-500 fps? and has any one used the Tanio Koba rifled barrel? I want accuracy and range. Thanks for any help.

Col. Zombie
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Sorry if this question has been asked before. I looked around on this forum and others for about an hour before asking the question, I must have just missed it. let me narrow the question. I have a JG bar 10 with a nine ball bucking and will soon get either pdi or laylax internals. I want this gun to be very accurate at +/- 200'. I'm not expecting 1/2 inch groupings but I want all my shots to hit. I felt like I needed to clear this up, I don't want the mods to mad at me.
I know how to modify a VSR 10 and I'm not asking "is PDI or Laylax better?" I know all of that I just was wondering about inner barrel diameter and which one the people on this forum recommend (not brand, inner diameter). There is a TON of stuff about "PDI or Laylax" and a lot of modification instructions. that is Not what I was wanting to know. my second post was clearing up the conditions the inner barrel would be in with the same question as I originally posted. please, point me to a post comparing different inner barrel diameters in an air-soft sniper because I could not find one. alls I saw was for AEGs on Air-soft Canada. also, WHY do you recommend whatever you recommend?

Col. Zombie
Cool Thanks :) thats all I needed
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