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inner barrel questions

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So, I have a Bar 10 which I'm getting ready for a big game. I sat down at the computer and search for tight bore barrels... 6.05, 6.04, 6.03, 6.02, 6.01, even a 6.00 Inner diameter barrel! Which is the best Inner diameter for a barrel on a gun that shoots about 450-500 fps? and has any one used the Tanio Koba rifled barrel? I want accuracy and range. Thanks for any help.

Col. Zombie
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ummmmmmm... 450-500 is a really big range... adding a TBB will increase your fps as it is, and there are a lot of other things you can do for accuracy in addition to getting a TBB. There are people that will swear by 6.04ish and people that will swear by 6.01, if you really want to you can get an EDGI at 5.98... I would suggest doing some reading around before just asking a very very open ended question like this. Especially on a Bar-10, there are quite literally hundred of threads on upgrades you can do for it, both here and on many other forums. If you are new to the sport you should do some more research on your gun... the Bar-10 is a TM VSR clone... so anything that would work on a VSR will work on the Bar-10. There are enough threads out there to keep you reading about DIY upgrades as well as part upgrades and custom projects for days on the subject...
PLEASE search??? quite literally right under this thread is one that talks about VSRs... There is an entire section on the forum dedicated to them entitled VSR Rifles... I know the search on the forum isnt that great (i end up using google and narrowing results to the forum) but really???

... thats from 90 sec of google and those are just the DIY mods...
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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