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Mauser SR-Pro Tactical rifle is basically just another L96 clone. It's the same as the TSD SD-97.

To replace the stock inner barrel, you'll need a stock cut inner barrel. You don't have many options, but the ones available really aren't too bad. Here's the 3 that you can get within the US (anything else, you'll probably have to look overseas).

Decent: Masamune Extreme 6.01 (out of stock, but $43)

Better: Madbull 6.03 ($33, yes not only is it cheaper than the Masamune, it's better too! Madbull makes a 6.01 that's more expensive, but it's 50 mm shorter, which will cause problems at the muzzle)

Best: PCT 6.01 ($65)

PCT, once it is broken in, is actually comparable to PDI (reportedly).

To install your new barrel, here is a video, which is worth a thousand words.
Just swap out the bucking and all of those rings onto your new barrel. I also recommend coating the OUTSIDE of the bucking with either silicone lube or vaseline if you don't have the former. That's simply so your bucking can slide into the chamber more easily and without possible ripping.

Lastly, no you won't need a barrel extension. The barrel will fit just fine.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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