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Inner Barrels...

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What's your opinion on inner barrels? What's the best metal; brass, steel, aluminum? What sizes work best? What are your experiences with the barrels you've used? What brands? What lengths? What were the best and worst results you've had?
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also not a fan of madbull, I prefer anything stainless steel and in the 6.01 - 6.03 range
the3rdeye88 said:
That's a first for steel. What length newbie?
I have had great success with anywhere between 450 and 509 in length. I have a 590 in my MB05 right now and it didnt increase any performance other than dropping my FPS by 20 but it looks cool and is still deadly so I keep it in there.

To add to the material conversation Brass is a harmonic metal (think trumpets and such) hence it carries way more vibration than a stainless steel barrel. Since I have nothing better to do right now I am planning on purchasing some lesser quality barrels made by some of the cloe manufacturers to see how they compare to some of the more midrange barrels out there like deepfire. I am not trying to reinvent the wheel so I will not be comparing them to PDI as we all know they are in the top tier
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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