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It uses AEG springs, which is a big plus. I've heard that using PSG springs is better than using regular AEG springs, but both are compatible. Trigger sear will wear after a while, and the only place I know that has aftermarket sears is somewhere in Czechoslovakia. In addition, the handguard barrel portion is only held together by tiny grub screws. (just tighten them to fix wobbles) I already lost one. :(

The piston is an anodized blue and it doesn't look like it'll wear anytime soon. You'll also have to either buy a scope rail or buy a real steal PSO/POSP because most of the chinese scopes are crap. Someone confirmed that it takes AEG buckings and barrels, but my chamber is glued to the reciever. ****.

The bolt pull is bad at first, but you'll grow calluses and you'll get used to it.

The hopup is annoying. It's also adjusted by a freaking grub screw. The rubber has two notches and I think the term is V hopup, but I'm not sure. It's definitely not like standard AEG rubbers. But hey, it's an SVD.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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